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      Just to let everyone know, I’ve finished and posted Swervedriver’s entry into Wikipedia. [:D]

      I was surprised how many online links were already there just waiting for someone to do an SWD page to link to. Look up shoegazing or Creation Records for example.

      Anyhow, if I’ve screwed up, anyone in the forum can go in and edit my work to correct anything. I’d like to know what year that SWD photo I stuck in there was taken… just so the label can give a little more info. Also, if someone wants to do a discography that can be stuck in there too.

      Also I left online links for the band member’s entries, I leave it to others to post their entries, especially since Adi & Jez post stuff on this forum too. For now I’m going through a Wayne’s World “I’m Not Worthy” moment right now! [|)]

      Oh ya… anyone up to doing a Toshack Highway Wikipedia posting??? [?]

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