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      I don’t know how many of us have had this experience, but it’s always nice when you play some Swervedriver for someone, and they get blown away. I’ve run into a few people of late who are at least more than curious about learning more and hearing more of the band. I loaned a copy of Juggernaut Rides to a buddy of mine who runs a small record label in NYC. He was absolutely sizzled, and was asking “like where the hell has a group like this been all my life?”, and I thought he had heard everything. I broached the topic of his label doing a SWD anthology a year or so ago, but he never heard ’em, and it’s taken me this long to get his attention. Oh well, Juggernaut is done, maybe another project in future. I’m going to get him to listen to some Toshack also.

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