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      Hi, thanks everyone….here’s what’s left, basically the Swervedriver CD collection + AF, and then the memorabilia. Rest is gone.

      – Four Information Network Magazines….Issue 7, 11, 12 and ?….. All mint, perfect.

      – Six Ticket stubs.

      – One Mezcal bottle, from Sept ‘93

      – Two Signed posters, one form ‘93, whole band signed, the other from ‘08, Jimmy, Adam signed.

      – One Gig poster from ‘98, London Ontario, call the Office, first show of the ‘98 tour, a warm up night before the shows with Hum that started the next night at Lee’s Palace in Toronto.

      Nineteen CD’s….Swervedriver, Adam Franklin and Sophia/God Machine. Will do my best to accurately describe each.

      – First 3 EP’s, Rave Down, Son of Mustang Ford, and Sandblasted. Ok, on these, I was an idiot and cut the original packages to fit jewel cases. What can I say, that was more than 20 years ago. These have been played a lot, but….still fine. I guess the good thing, is the cardboard cases are still mint.

      – Original Raise, Mezcal Head, with the Reel to Reel and Never Lose that Feeling eps. These are are played for sure….but, still good, overall condition, really good, the ep’s excellent. The Dual and Satinsville eps are excelent.

      – Next, ESR, original promo copy with It’s all Happening Now, mailed to me as I was on SWD mailer. Good, Last Day on Earth ep, only a jewel case, not sure on original package, but CD is mint.

      – 99th Dream, Zerohour edition, good, the 3 eps’ mint. Magic Bus, Wrong Treats and Space Travel.

      – The re-issues. Never played, just read the liners. Absolutely mint. Juggernaut Rides was played once to rip. Mint.

      – Toshack Orange CD, excellent. The three EPs, mint. The two Adam F records are mint, just ripped once.


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