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      I was browsing through some new UK releases, and found a compilation on the Club AC30 label with the title “Never Lose That Feeling”, so investigated further. Turns out it is all covers of ‘classic shoegazing’. I have not heard any of these “new” bands, but of course recognize all the original bands. I plan on checking this out, thought others might be interersted as well. US distributor is ToneVendor.

      Tracks: Andrew Kenny – Angel Sigh (Spiritualized), Windermere – Coast Is Clear (Curve), Trouble Everyday – When The Sun Hits (Slowdive), Amusement Parks On Fire – You Made Me Realise (My Bloody Valentine), Airiel – Blowin’ Cool (Swervedriver), Echo Orbiter – Never Click (Medicine), Televise – Mercy Seat (Ultra Vivid Scene), Air Formation – Suzanne (Moose), Douglas Heart – Alison (Slowdive), Hinterland – For Love (Lush), South Ambulance – Kinky Love (Pale Saints), Heliconia – Drive Blind (Ride), The Feeling Good Conspiracy – Son Of Mustang Ford (Swervedriver), Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa – The Perfect Needle (Telescopes), audiotransparent – Frozen (Curve), Plumbline – Black Metallic (Catherine Wheel).

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