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      Fellow Swervies,

      I’d like to share a special memory with you. Very special and personal. No it’s not about my first (free) sex. Some might recall a totally awesome video game called ROAD RASH. If not, here’s a brief summary: motorbike racing (girl rider if you want) through uran-suburban areas dodging cars, mashing pederastrians, beating the crap out of adjacent riders and kicking their rides into head-on traffic. It was on 3DO, Sega Saturn and PC. Anyway, besides the hardcore action it just so happend that EA shelled out dough for a decent soundtrack, including Hammerbox, Monster Magnet, Soundgarden and of course SWERVEDRIVER. I was a teen in ripped jeans on Nirvana and Guns n’Roses, needless to say more. I felt spoonfed, shallow and humbled but happy as well to realize there’s a whole other world of music you’ll never know unless you search for it. So how was YOUR Swervedriver discovery?

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