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      Hello everyone.

      I am sure you are all well aware that I am the administrator of Swervedriver Live and Swervedriver Guitar Tablature Archive (what a mouthfull!) What I am wondering is:

      Does anyone have any chords, tabs, notes to contribute to the swervedriver tab archive? I am wanting to upload or work on some more guitar tabs.

      Also is there anyone on here who has about 50 – 100mg of webspace that I could use for mp3s of live records of swd songs? SWD Live has been down for ages now and the reason being is that my webspace provider ran out of funding. I am hoping that this site can be set back into action as I have encountered many more mp3’s! With the additional webspace it would enable me to upload the whole shebang in one go.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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