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      My brother got a copy of “Road Rash,” the game with all the motorcycles/motorbikes, for Playstation a few years back.
      It came out in about 1994. There were songs from several bands on it, including Soundgarden, Therapy?, …and Swervedriver.
      I also seemed to remember there being a music video of some band on it…. the song was called “fuel” or something, I thought. (heheheheh) forgot about it for a while though

      The other day I found it again and remembered that Swervedriver had some stuff on it, so I put it in. Lo and behold, there were Duel and Last Train to Satansville (in like a seven minute version too).
      I couldn’t find the video though.
      Did anyone here play that game and see the video I’m thinking of, and was it a Swervedriver video or just something else that had swervedriver playing?

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