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      18th September, 7:30 pm. King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow.

      From the moment I saw the U.K tour dates (by freak chance while reading about Swervedriver’s discography in wikipedia) to the opening chords of Sci-flyer bursting from the p.a system, only two days had passed. I stood rooted to the spot in awe through Duel, Rave Down, 99th Dream, Never Lose That Feeling and more. Swervedriver…LIVE! After all those years never expecting to experience it. I left the gig with my wife and got the train home, our ears ringing with warm fuzz all the way, and well into the next day. What an experience. They were tight, melodic, raw and roaring.
      Hope all the swervies out there get the chance to see them.

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