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    Locksley Taylor

    There has probably been another post about it, but I thought I’d highlight swervedriver radio ! If you haven’t used Live365 before, get into it. It’s a really cool concept. People just make up playlists which stream non-stop and you just play em thru the downloadable player.

    Real damn cool.


    thanks to whoever got this station going !

    check out the new album from The Church called Forget Yourself. It’s amazing.

    There’s a whole show of them playing the Sydney Opera House in July that can be downloaded at http://www.violettown.com/thechurch8.htm

    Lotsa new songs on there and some classics from their 2002 album and Under The Milky Way. What a beautiful song.

    They’re touring the USA in March or April. Check them out. I saw them a couple of times this month and they blew me away….. again…
    I yeah, I am now engaged. Wow. Freaky.

    has anyone heard Drop Nineteens ? any good ?

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