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    I thought I would like to let everyone know out there that there will be a set of new and updated tabs being submitted to Brad in the near future, quite possibly this weekend.

    These tabs include….

    -Duel Update (a riff was in the wrong key)
    -Duress Update (the wah riff was an octave too high)
    -Harry And Maggie
    -She’s Beside Herself

    I also know the following bits from these songs….

    -Kill the Superheros : The Full intro bit
    -Laze It Up : The full intro bit
    -Youve Sealed My Fate : The whole song except the interlude.
    -Never Learn : Most of it.

    If anyone here would like to work on them tabs with me, let me know.

    I am also wondering, should I take down my tab site, considering that Swervedriver.com is the happenin’ place to be?

    I don’t really see the point in it being there anymore.

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