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      Check out this podcast devoted to SWD related music:

      Thanks for checking in again for the Dark Stuff Podcast #19. This is a special one! This episode is dedicated exclusively to the music of Swervedriver and Adam Franklin. Swervedriver (www.swervedriver.com) was one of the most important British bands of the last 15 years or so, and its former singer/guitarist, Adam Franklin (www.toshackhighway.com), has just released a stellar new solo album called Bolts of Melody. In between cuts from all of the Swervedriver albums, and the new CD, is an interview I conducted with Mr. Franklin where he discusses the legacy of his former band, what he has been working on since they broke up, and his plans for the future. He is currently in the midst of a US tour. Enjoy.

      The music:

      Swervedriver – “99th Dream”
      Adam Franklin – “Seize The Day”
      Swervedriver – “The Other Jesus”
      Swervedriver – “Rave Down”
      Adam Franklin – “Shining Somewhere”
      Swervedriver – “She’s Beside Herself”
      Swervedriver – “Wrong Treats”
      Toshack Highway – “The Hitcher”
      Swervedriver – “Duel”

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