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      Hello! I remember a conversation on here years ago where various people posted up pictures of old Swervedriver t-shirt designs but I can’t find it now. I’m trying to find pictures of the front and back of the ‘Never Lose That Feeling’ t shirt as the current merch company might recreate it.

      From what I recall it was all fonts. It was black with the new (at the time) band logo in large white letters on the front. Underneath the logo in dark blue were the lyrics to ‘Hands’ although maybe only the first verse.

      On the reverse in crisp white letters was ‘Never Lose That Feeling’ and, in my mind, underneath that, again in dark blue, was a twisted reverse of the ‘Hands’ lyrics, starting ‘I just hate this part of the world…’ but maybe my memory is playing tricks.

      Can anyone clear this up, and even better, post pictures?

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