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    Hello All fellow Swervers,

    I was just reading the post in the news section that a live DVD of the Swervies show in Sydney will be on sale at the upcoming US shows.

    Being an aussie I have seen every Sydney gig they’ve performed (they first came out at the release of ‘Ejector Seat Reswervation’).

    I was at the forementioned Sydney gig and although I wasn’t all too impressed with the audio (no fault of the band) I would still love to get a copy of this DVD as I believe they will never tour OZ again.

    I would like to ask a massive favour of anyone who attends one of these gigs to find it in your good-natured being to grab me a copy and i’ll reimburse you plus.

    If you think you fit the mold please email me at and we can discuss arrangements!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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