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      Yeah, I know this is gonna be a real short thread, but I need help and quite likely condolances. Please chime in…
      I was using my digital recorder last night, and got up to get a guitar pick, somewhat distracted, I pulled the whole unit with my guitar cord and it…uh…fell off the table. Clunk. It still lights up, but the hard drive is now not accessing. The whole unit is intact, but I suppose it means the hard drive is non-functional. I suspect I may have lost all of my data..which only means every song, nuance and sound loop I have recorded for the past 4 years…nothing MAJOR!!!!
      Is there any hope? Can a hard drive be salvaged? HELP. It’s a Boss BR1180 8 track digital unit (my baby…served me well). Thanks if you know anything. [:(]

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