Tell us a story…(Saw Adam & B.O.M play last night)

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      In the spirit of some of the recent excellent posts by Mr. Markov and some of the other great discussions on this board, I thought I’d try to start another along those lines. I’m sure so many of you have some excellent SWD related stories to share? Here’s a little one…

      Last night I attended a Bolts of Melody show and it turned into quite an amazing experience. Adam and the boys played a really great sounding set, and the new songs are really good and rock out. Mickey Jones is an absolutely wicked drummer by the way. Well, the pints just kept coming and I ended up meeting a really nice girl who was also a huge fan. Turned out we both saw the same Medicine/Swervedriver tour back in the day, and had a good talk reminiscing about those days….SWD in the walkman, road trips of great distance to see shows, the sheer awesomeness of Satansville or Duress live etc. As the night went on, we ended up drinking with the guys afterwards and were then invited to a brewery to continue the night !!! Way too many of us packed into my brother’s little Lancruiser and set off for this mysterious brewery. Adam was comforted by the fact that the truck is a right hand drive so he joked it felt little more like home : )

      Luckily we found it and we were soon given a tour of this really cool little punk rock micro brew operation. Turns out Shane from Mystery Machine is involved and was the instigator of us all drinking even more beer. Soon we all had big mugs filled. So in a great twist of events, very late into the night, I found myself in the middle of some industrial zone, with some old friends, my brother, a bunch of other really cool folk, Adam and the band and a seemingly endless supply of fresh beer !!!! Mickey, Josh and Adam are really sweet guys, and all kinds of stories were told and laughter shared. It was a probably one of the best nights of my life, I mean, how often does one get a chance to drink with one of your “heroes”? I’m just glad I still have some memory of it, which is kind of surprising given the hangover I have today. I just hope I didn’t make too big an ass of myself : )

      Anyway, Adam, or Josh, if you end up reading this, thanks so much for the night. It’s something I’ll never forget and safe travels on the rest of the tour. I have a great big smile on right now as I’m typing this, in between semi-desperate gulps of Gatorade.

      xx, Rob

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