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    OK. As promised to Brad and after the discarding of many classic moments, here they are-

    1.Playing the main stage at Reading Festival in front of 40,000 people while still ripped to the tits on ecstasy and therefore playing the first song out of tune and then offering to strip for the audience.
    2.The late great John Peel (who was compere) announcing as we left the stage “That was Swervedriver- don’t you want to take them home and shag the whole lot of them?” and then proudly wearing a Swervedriver t-shirt for the rest of the day.
    3.Kevin Shields offering to lend me one of his FX pedals and telling me to go up to their studio while they were having a break from recording tracks for Loveless and “help myself” to anything from his box of pedals.
    4.Touring in the USA for the first time and finding it to be everything I wanted and hoped it would be.
    5.Knowing that the profits from More Than Words by Extreme were paying for it all.
    6.Opening up for Jane’s Addiction, My Bloody Valentine, Soundgarden, Lemonheads, Killing Joke, Buffalo Tom etc before we had even had an album out.
    7.Being called better than Nirvana in a live review (Melody Maker 3rd November 1990)
    8.Being invited to Bob Mould’s house for Christmas dinner (NYC 1991)
    9.Dan Peters from Mudhoney forcing us all to smoke pure grass bowls just minutes before we went onstage in Seattle (would be interesting to hear a tape of that one- it seemed good at the time…)
    10.Playing Looking at You and Dirt live in Detroit (twice in one night too!)

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