The dumbest classic rock song ever.

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      Due to the fact that I’ve had a busted CD player in my auto for ages and I’m too lazy to deal with it cause I don’t drive far distances anyway, I’m completely stuck listening to the radio which I hate. Modern day rock stations blow so I usually wind up listening to classic rock radio. I’ll take Kashmir for the millionth time over the newest, best Nickleback song any day. In between tolerable Zeppelin, Sabbath, Floyd, etc songs, I’m constantly exposed to a handful of songs that just make me wanna blow shit up. I can’t even believe some of the stuff was recorded.

      I think it’s Manfred Mann that does that ‘Blinded by the light’ song. Springsteen wrote the damn thing. That is easily one of the dumbest wastes of tape I’ve ever heard. Another is that damn ‘Rock On’ song. I think some soap opera dude re-recorded it in the eighties. You know….’hey kids boogaloo…rock on..etc’…the very thought of that song makes me want to attempt to blow myself for more worthwhile entertainment….Others that come to mind are More than a Feeling, anything by Bob Segar, and Children of the Sun. This stuff seems so corny to me that I actually get kind of excited when Barracuda comes on. I know…it’s pathetic. I really need a working cd player.

      Anyone care to add to this? Not songs you’re necessarily sick of, just the dumbest ones.

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