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      Fantastic, haven’t danced at a gig so much since bloc party. Caught a feedback driven single of theirs with a very 4 to the floor influenced rhythm from the bassist and drummer which i really enjoyed and definately stood out from the normal noise you hear on mtv2. Didn’t hear of them again till i caught the lads at glasto and was blown away by their feedback drenched sound, but the gig was quality and loudness of the sound made it a much more enjoyable gig. if they can translate the power and intensity of their live sound onto record then the forthcoming album is gonna be very special indeed. Hopefully they can do this as the last time i saw a band this amazing live ‘mo solid gold’ their album was very average indeed

      your may be wondering why i’m posting this here, well swervie re one of my fav all time bands, and the energy they gave out was very similiar to what swervdriver were like live

      There was 8 of us there and everybody including mates who’d never heard of them before loved it, and afterwards over a drink we were discussing who the boys sound like. Their sound is very individualistic, but its very much driven by the feedback layered with effects coming from the guitarist and we agreed there’s elements of my bloody valentine, swervedriver, joy division, mogwai with a hint of U2 in what they’re doing which imo is good company to be among. Anyways if you like the bands above, particularly MBV and mogwai then i’d recommend you cacth the live asap.

      infact the only issue some of my mates had was the drummer singing, one felt that because he’s such an good drummer you’d like to hear him hitting the beats constantly as he brings such a warmth to the sound, and secondly because they felt he had a weak voice. Didn’t detract from my enjoyment, and think it makes them stand out that half the time he’s singing at the front with electronic beats drumming and half the time he’s behind the kit drumming live although it was difficult at times hearing excatly what he was singing.
      However i did have to agree with one mate who said ‘they’re brillant musicians, but its hardly commercial music, well not in a traditional indie sense and so they only need a great singer if they want to become the next big thing and go worldwide. To me it looks like they’re more interested in making amazing mindblowing music for themselves, which i think is a good thing’

      anyway the longcut are a band who are only gonna get better the more they play together, and i’m gonna try and catch them as much as possible

      for those interested i went to tehir site, and here the video to their latest single, which my shitty work speakers don’t do justice to

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