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      I know we’ve had general discussion things here from time to time, and as usual Swervie perspectives on life’s abberancies I find most interesting. away…

      Now check this out:

      My rant: When is this shit going to stop? First they charge for “snacks”, then extra luggage, then all luggage, now this nickel and dime crap…it’s sickening. Next they’re gonna charge for usage of the toilet, and eventually we’ll have to pay extra for a plane with engines.. My problem with all of this is not that it costs the airlines more all the time to operate, and that they need to diffuse the fuel charges, but with all this unbundling of costs, they constantly reinforce held notions that they don’t give a damn about their customers, and want to rub their faces in it. If you need more funding, fine…increase the fares of the flights appropriately, but this tooth and nail thing is just disgusting, and…it adds significantly to delays at check-in time, as they need to keep running through the credit cards. There…rant over, for now..[}:)]

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