the sea, like lead on the radio 11/7 @ 9pm EST

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      i know this sort of thing is really annoying, but i just wanted to make anyone interested aware of my band’s performance tomorrow evening on local pittsburgh radio station WRCT (88.3 fm for those in the area)…

      since most of you are outside of pittsburgh, you can stream the broadcast at

      for those of you unfamiliar with the rock, we’re a three-piece (two guitars, four amplifiers, and drums) playing heavy/pretty “post-rock” along the lines of envy, juno, explosions in the sky, mono, mogwai, etc, etc, etc. you canlisten to an mp3 at if you wanna check it out.

      we have an upcoming split 12″/CD with our friends from philly called Belegost ( coming out in December on Electric Human Project ( and Hardtravelin records.

      times for US folks not on the east coast are: 8pm central, 7pm mtn, 6pm west coast.

      cool. thanks for your time. end shameless self street teaming.

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