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      Monday 6/15

      The Church, Adam Franklin

      (Triple Door) The Church and Adam Franklin (of Swervedriver fame and also kicking it with Interpol drummer Sam Fogarino in Magnetic Morning) prove that rockers can “mature” with dignity while not blanding the fuck out. Australia’s the Church have been honing their lustrous psych pop for 29 years, scoring a couple of hits, but during this long span, like a more palatable Legendary Pink Dots, just unassumingly churning out moody, baroque, artful songs for a diehard cult following. In Swervedriver, Franklin wrote a slew of classic power-shoegaze anthems; his solo work hasn’t attained those heights, but recent albums like Spent Bullets and Bolts of Melody tap into a more subdued, equally beautiful strain of epic rock. His somewhat complicated tunesmithery paradoxically connects with a disarming emotional directness (see particularly the gradually swelling ballad “It Hurts to See You Go”). DAVE SEGAL

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