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      Hello fellow swervies. I was reading through Wikipedia’s entry to Swervedriver and noticed there’s an important information missing in the “Origins of Name” section. I definitely remember reading an interview with Adam (or the band) where he said that “Swervedriver” is a slang expression from northern Britain that signifies someone who´s a deviant or an outsider, something like that. The author of the Wiki entry did not mention that, although he mentioned that “Adam Franklin had once mentioned the band liked the connotation of a speeding driver, swerving and ultimately losing control of their car”. In fact, I remember that this “speeding driver” connotation was just mentioned as a joke and that the “real” meaning of Swervedriver is the slang use. If I were a native speaker I would edit the Wiki entry but I´m not, so if any of you guys know about that interview (or know what Swervedriver means) , please help keeping the Wiki entry trustworthy!

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