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      Hi everybody. I just got back from three weeks on the road with Face To face, My Chemical Romance, and Seconds to Go (my brother’s band) and I learned a few things:

      – girls love bands and will show boobs on the highway for a van with a trailer
      – even the opening band that nobody has ever heard of gets groupies/giving fans
      – people will bend over backwards to help bands such as giving up their beds, taking time off work to sightsee, giving all food and drink
      – my chemical romance is a very cool band and give awesome performances night after night; they work on songs all the time and treat their *devoted* fans with respect
      – house of blues are the best venues to play at because they run a pro operation and feed the bands well
      – honourable mention to slims in san fran for a class act
      – some kids will come in and ask the merch people “who is the cool band” and buy shirts without knowing anything about the music
      – in las vegas sex grows on trees and in shrubs, other than that it is a money magnet
      – venues take up to 20% of the sale of shirts and other merch, they often make you count in and out
      – taking a cut of cd sales is illegal but some still try to do it
      – part of being a merch dude is keeping two lists and baffling the count in/out process
      – opening bands raid (and live off of) the remaining rider food and drinks from the bigger bands dressing rooms
      – Idaho wand Wyoming smell like poop
      – tumbleweeds are real and actually tumble
      – when you set up your equipment behind another band’s equipment it is called backlining
      – some bands refuse to do sound checks since it is not real rock’n’roll
      – the uniform of the average punk rock lover consists of a studded belt (this is a must), rock shirt, ear hole stretching earrings and converse or boots
      – you can’t party much unless you have a bus; the van trailer combo means you have to drive to the next venue almost immediately after the show
      – sleeping on the beach is wet and not bad
      – sleeping on pavement can be done and is better than the van
      – sleeping on floors is fine
      – you can sleep 9 people in a super 8 by just pulling mattresses off the beds
      – pabst blue ribbon (aka pbr) is junior America’s favorite beer but it lies about being 5.9%
      – average breast size gets bigger the more you go toward L.A.
      – there is always something to complain about concerning the on stage monitors
      – equipment breaks all the time, even new stuff

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