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      “Adam Franklin – Never Lost that Feeling

      Bolts of Melody sees Adam Franklin veer off the Toshack Highway and swerve into more familiar sonic territories for his seventh post-Swervedriver album.

      It’s a busy time for Adam Franklin. He heads to Australia touring his latest album Bolts of Melody, a debut album with Magnetic Morning is on the way and the (99th) dream of many fans has been realised by the news Swervedriver are reforming for a world tour in 2008.”
      “JAKEB SMITH gets to talk to SWERVEDRIVER frontman, soloist and celebrity collaborator ADAM FRANKLIN, which is quite brilliant really.

      The post-post-punk period is an odd one in musical history. In 1984 the musicians who had thrived in London and New York’s art scenes were finding the sense of liberalism that had fostered their creativity for the last six years rapidly disappearing. Corporate culture was validating its place in the social consciousness with its own fashion and morals, each as equally seasonal as the each other.”
      “The Franklin’s Tale


      WHEN SEMINAL UK shoegazer legends Swervedriver hung up their effects pedals at the tail end of last millennium, frontman Adam Franklin immediately embarked on a solo career, one that has been as diverse as it has been distinguished.

      First releasing material under the moniker Toshack Highway, Franklin traded in his trademark guitar aesthetic for a distinctly more electronic sound on initial releases, before gradually morphing towards a more organic and acoustic-based vibe.”

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