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      It seems that much of my attraction to a band is based on their ability to change the tempo in a single song. I’m no musician by far, so pardon the blurry explanation. I noticed the technique years after hearing such songs for the first time, must be getting old. A key melody, bassline or its variations hold the song together so to say, or else it would fall apart into a disjointed mess. Sounds so easy when done but my suspicion says it’s a signature of true music mastery. It’s what classic music is made of, right? TIMESHIFTING. Now I sense the stronger mental impact that multi-tempo pieces provide, if done right. Only 2 bands I like pulled this off: Soundgarden and Swervedriver. Hendrix and such space travellers not counting – I’m talking disciplined, unified yet flexible structure here. Am I onto something, music experts? Can you suggest somne other bands, perhaps in other styles, who play with time like it’s sand?

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