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      Hello All,

      I’ve not been here in an age, so long that I don’t even remotely remember my username. Had to resign up again! Anyway, today here in NYC Justin Chancellor, the bass player for TOOL, as well as a Brit, was DJing for a few hours on 92.3 K-ROCK, which is the major rock radio station here. He was doing what they call a ‘hostile takeover’, meaning him getting to play tunes he likes. He didn’t get to play EVERY song for the 4 hours he was on, but only like every fourth song. Well, his second or third selection that they played was ‘RAVE DOWN”! I nearly shat pant! I couldn’t believe that I was hearing Swervedriver again on the radio! Mind you, this station is not eclectic at all. They play Foo Fighters and Green Day multiple times a day, so that gives you an idea right there. It was pretty excellent to hear though! So cool!

      Also, did anyone happen to catch Adam’s show at the Mercury Lounge on 7/2/07? I was very much trying to go, but encountered a car issue while driving back from Maine that day, so I missed the show! DAMN! He lives in the area apparently, some of the year, but hasn’t played here in a couple years I think!



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