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      for me it was the follwoing full lengths

      envy – insomniac doze
      muse – black holes & revelations
      the undercurrent – ghost
      between the buried and me – the anatomy of
      channels – waiting for the next end of the world
      dysrhythmia – barriers and passages
      stephen brodsky’s octave museum – octave museum
      peeping tom – s/t
      traindodge – wolves
      …and you will know us by the trail of dead – so divided

      honorable mentions

      isis – in the absence of truth
      jesu – silver
      mogwai – mr beast
      dredg – live at the fillmore
      yeah yeah yeahs – show your bones
      the gossip – standing in the way of control
      roman numerals – s/t
      red sparowes – every red heart shines toward the red sun

      Non full lengths

      dropsonic/traindodge – xerxes ep
      the life & times – the magician ep
      the life & times – neuva volcano split
      national sunday law – demo ep
      wired all wrong – break out the battle tapes (a short full length)
      sunday flood – 6 song demo
      dillinger escape plan – plagiarism ep:
      31 knots – polemics ep

      Poppier list:
      gnarls barkley – st. elsewhere


      thom yorke – the eraser: genius schmenius
      veruca salt – iv: meh, i give up
      tool – 10,000 days: redundant
      rhcp – stadium arcadium: just too many shitty songs
      mars volta – amputechture: yawn, fell asleep on the 2nd song on the 1st listen

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