Toronto Jan 31 2010 – BoM delivers the goods

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      I’m reporting back from last night’s show at the Drake Hotel in Toronto. I got thoroughly rocked. It was arguably the best sound quality I have ever experienced with Adam post Swervedriver. I could hear both he and Locksley clearly with nice space left for bass and drums. The crowd was of decent size and the clapping deliberate. The new songs are up tempo and fun.

      The talk of the night was of how fun the drummer was to watch. I barely ever notice drumming but Mikey Jones’ drumming reminds me of the Dungen guy’s sure and tasteful style. I’m a total novice but to me Mikey plays behind the beat and makes it fun to watch with precise jazz style flicking strikes.

      This was my first time hearing Josh Stoddard play live. Turns out he’s very good too. It might have been the mix but I was definitely getting more from the bass guitar interplay than I’m accustomed to. He plays it cool and his bionic foot seems to be supporting him well.

      Talking after the show they complained of bad sound on stage and were worried about a poor sounding performance. Adam broke a string before Morning Rain but Locksley and the boys held down a nice extended intro while Adam wound things back together.

      Psychedelic serendipity was in the ear of the Bradholder it seems. Thanks Adam Franklin and Bolts of melody.

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