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      …landed in my mailbox today. a little worse for wear from the mail (bubble mailers and/or cardboard perhaps?).

      very excited for new AF music, and checked in on the board to see what the buzz is, and I don’t see one, so here’s the official thread. Guess I’m lucky.

      I was really curious to see if my recording of the Fez NYC 01 was the one used for the CD, and by golly, underneath the uber mastering, I think that’s my tape. sweet! a small contribution to AF’s history.

      So let’s rap about this disc, I’m thrilled.

      Mary Jane is sweet…

      I’d love to know more about the recordings. where they come from, who produced, engineered, mixed, mastered, etc. Even if it’s a demo, I’m a freak for that stuff.

      Congrats to you Adam and the Toshack Highway for another CD of excellent music shared with the world! Thanks for the many years of music that speaks my mind…

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