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    Well, I know Im late, but I just got the Toshack/Sianspheric split disc. I think Sianspheric is good but maybe seven or eight years too late for what they’re doing. Just an opinion. The new Adam songs knock me out though. Im tellin ya…Streets that spin off is one fuzz pedal away from a new Swervedriver song. Now that he’s settling into more structured songs rather than the mostly loose feel of the first record, you can totally see how things come together, Adam obviously being responsible for the guts of the songs, and James being a freaking guitar genius and “dressing up” Adams songs as he did. God damn. Lots of bands talk of reunions…most being a seriously silly endeavor (hello Pixies), but outside of Black Sabbath making a new full blown record, new Swervedriver stuff would easily be the best thing in this century so far. Especially, since the world at large missed them in the first place. Blah blah, ok Im done. Good night.

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