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      Hey gang,

      I’m a longtime haunter of the boards here, haven’t posted much, but I wanted to share a project of mine with y’all. For a while I’ve been working assembling, via the magic of iTunes and similar music library software, definitive Swerve rarities compilations. I’m sure I’m not the only one to attempt this (the live rarities comp was an obvious inspiration) and its been a whole lot of fun to do.

      First thing I figured out was that obviously all of the Swerve rarities wouldn’t fit onto one disc, so I decided to separate them out into three discs — One for early stuff (’89-’91/Raise-era), one for middle years (’92-’95/Mezcal Head & Ejector Seat Reservation eras, and later years (’96-’98/99th Dream-era). Each compilation fits pretty neatly on one CD, the last one being comparatively short and sweet.

      Rarities (’89-’91)

      1. Son of Mustang Ford (Demo)
      2. Volcano Trash
      3. Kill the Superheros
      4. Juggernaut Rides
      5. She’s Beside Herself
      6. Afterglow
      7. Zedhead
      8. Flawed
      9. Out
      10. Laze It Up
      11. Scrawl & Scream
      12. Hands
      13. Jesus
      14. Over
      15. Andalucia
      16. Surf Twang
      17. Deep Twang

      Rarities (’92-’95)

      1. Never Lose That Feeling
      2. Planes Over the Skyline
      3. Year of the Girl
      4. Satansville Revisited
      5. Land of the Lost
      6. Cars Converge on Paris
      7. The Hitcher
      8. In the City
      9. My Zephyr (Sequel)
      10. Mars
      11. Maelstrom
      12. The Director’s Cut of Your Life
      13. It’s All Happening Now
      14. Just Sometimes (Song of Laughter & Forgetting)
      15. Neon Lights Glow

      Rarities (’96-’98)

      1. Why Say Yeah
      2. Magic Bus
      3. 93 Million Miles From the Sun… And Counting
      4. Good Ships
      5. Hate Yr Kind
      6. Stimulini
      7. Homeless Homecoming
      8. Chateau in Virginia Waters

      Thoughts? Am I missing anything that was recorded in-studio? I tried to balance being chronologically accurate while keeping a powerful flow from one song to the next and the results are pretty incredible here. The 89-91 tracklist is based on a tracklist I found floating somewhere on the blogosphere a few years back. My favorite is the 92-95 disc but that’s a direct result of my love for the ESR era.

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