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    This happened to me recently…

    I was on a training course and at the end of the final evening we were given some reading work to do prior to some exercise on the final day. The course was at a training site with accomodation facilities on site all owned by the company I work for.

    Anyway back in my room I couldn’t be arsed to the reading and generally lounged about for a couple of hours. At 7pm I realised that I had to get this done before diner and the following drinking session, that would be the biggest of the week it being the final night.

    So I went outside for a fag prior to getting this stuff done. My mind was on the work so I wasn’t really concentrating. Finished my smoke and headed back upstairs to my room. Into the corrdor, down past the double doors and the second on the right.

    I had forgotten to lock my door, walked in, turned left into the bedroom and was somewhat peturbed to find a man on my bed, completely naked in a state of some sexual excitement.

    At first I thought I was the victim of some sort of sexual pervert, who got off on pleasuring himself in other people’s hotel rooms. However a glance around the room confirmed my worst fears. This wasn’t my room and this was a very, very senior employee in front of me with a lump on.

    I was of course on the wrong floor and in the room below mine. He hasn’t come across me since…

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