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    The idea struck me this morning – in response to the recent discussion regarding the old message board… I’m creating an “open topic” folder.
    Maybe it can help with the “community feel” some feel is currently missing. Brilliant right?
    Here are a couple of starters…
    a.) If Bush gets re-elected I’m seriously considering moving to Canada. Brad – you have any room for a family of 3 with a 13 year old one-eyed dog?
    b.) Does anyone have a recommendation for a fairly inexpensive guitar amp – one that is loud enough to play over a drummer – but, not necessarily one you would play with live. I have a big Marshall (which I’m not crazy about) – but, I want a smaller one just to practice with. I currently practice with a “rocket” – but, it doesn’t have reverb… Which is muy importante! Also, keep in mind – My guitar is a Gibson SG – very meaty! A friend of mine has heard good things about the little tube Peavy’s. Any thoughts?
    c.) Has anyone heard any thing about the old Swervedriver members playing with anyone else lately (Besides Adam Franklin – since I know what he is doing…)

    Please feel free to answer one of my starters – or just say whatever you else you want…

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