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      Hey I just got a blurb from the band for the next mailing list email. Really looking forward. I’ll be at the NYC show.

      Swervedriver takes a break from jamming in the studio to hit the road in the US and play some live shows in March/April. The band, who returned after a ten year hiatus in 2008, have been working on some new tunes in order to stave off the winter cold and may decide to make some soundbites available for inquisitive ears when the weather warms up.

      Opening on all dates except for Seattle and Portland will be NYC’s Heaven – featuring Matt and Mikey from Adam Franklin’s Bolts of Melody band – and there will be a split seven inch vinyl single available on the merch stall featuring a new Bolts of Melody recording on one side and a Heaven hit on the other. Portland’s Hawkeye open in the Pacific Northwest.



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