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      “Hi all

      As I’m just about about to drive off to Holland for the latest leg of Sophia shows I thought it was time for a general update, just in case you all thought I’d fallen asleep or something.

      My new album Bolts of Melody will see the light of day as an Adam Franklin album for the first time. The Toshack Highway moniker seems too unwieldy for a number of reasons – people never remember the name for starters (or pronounce it incorrectly!) and it’s just easier for people to remember my own name anyway. Also the album is much more song/guitar driven, and to me Toshack is more this instrumental/keyboardy thing, so actually the Toshack name might re-appear at some point with music more in that original vein, but for the time being AF it is..

      The album will feature the recent Syd’s Eyes single and Birdsong (Moonshiner Version), which were previously only available as Black Mountain seven inch and Shifty Disco download-only release respectively, as those tracks should be made more widely available.

      The cover of Wolf Parade’s Shine A Light that was posted at http://www.myspace.com/toshackhighway will also be on the album due to a certain amount of public demand – the lyric about “waiting for something that’ll never arrive” seemed particularly appropriate due to this album taking so long to get released!

      The album should get released in the US/North America May/June time and there will be full band dates with the Bolts of Melody band in the US around that time. We’re still finalising European release schedules..

      In the meantime people can check out my new Setting Suns collaboration with Sam Fogarino from Interpol at http://www.myspace.com/thesettingsuns. Me and Sam have been knocking out a few ideas in recent months and will continue to do so in between doing our other stuff – Interpol have reached the mixing stage for their new album I believe and Sam will then embark on an endless touring schedule but we’ll take that project out on the road at some stage in the future.

      People should also check out The Still Out at http://www.myspace.com/thestillout which is a new band featuring Josh Stoddard who will be playing bass for Bolts of Melody, and Arjun Agerwala who recorded the drums for Syd’s Eyes. I’ve also contributed some guitars and vocals for this project.

      And hey, why not also check out Rol Jui at http://www.myspace.com/roljui featuring Locksley Taylor from Sianspheric and Dean Williams who of course played on/recorded Bolts of Melody. Ley will also be touring Bolts of Melody..

      And lastly, Sophia plays Holland and Belgium next week and will be touring Scandinavia and Italy in April/May and is sounding pretty rocking – Will, Jeff and Robin made up the rest of Toshack Highway when we toured the Orange Album in Europe in 2000 and the band has aged like a fine wine! …well, it’s certainly aged… So come and check out the band if we’re close by at all and have some More Wine…( http://www.sophiamusic.net)


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