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      So, are there any vinyl freaks out there?

      I just picked up a turntable recently, first time I’ve owned one in about 10 years. Kind of did it on a whim, was tired of looking at the shelf of records I’ve been lugging around since high school, also was interested in picking up some new vinyl just for fun.

      Listening to records is kind of cool, maybe a little more interactive than CDs, MP3’s, or whatever. I mean, you have to get up off your ass and flip sides every few minutes. On the other hand taking care of vinyl and needles etc., can also be expensive and a major pain in the ass!

      Other’s thoughts, if any? Does anyone have any good suggestions for cleaning and maintaining vinyl for a newbie? Any ideas on relatively inexpensive phono pre-amps? Favorite albums on vinyl you’d recommend picking up?

      Just curious……. And bored……

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