Waddaya think of the Olympics??

Guestbook Waddaya think of the Olympics??

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    To me..it is a political forum, and manipulated by the “forces that be”. Case in point. That l’il Chinese girl, Lish Lao (who ended up getting silver on the 10M dive, wiped the floor with the Aussie chick..who had a much better ass..BTW, Chantelle Newberry.and…(maybe there is some sort of claim on great asses in Oz..cause the bronze had THE best ass I have ever seen in me hole life…Loudy Tourky ..25 years old and ALL ASS trust me, me brothers 99lbs and 5’0), but methinks the politix swayed the biased judges. Your thoughts, please. I’ve always had complete disdain for the Olympix..’cause they always give “politically correct” results. ie..BULLSHIT/BULLSHITE (whatever pronunciation does it for you).

    Oh, but how beeeootifulll the female butt iz.. (I’m old and sick me brotherz..please forgive me). And Jagz, Trik etc..please feel free to slap me…

    Gene Geeno Eugenitallz..etc..[}:)]

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