We named our “site” after Swervedriver

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    Brad said he was going to mention this, so I figured I’d save him the trouble. :o)

    My friends and I started a new website yesterday, which is probably nothing anyone here (or anywhere else!) will be interested in, so really people, I’m mentioning it here only because we were very happy to be able to name it after such a cool band. I’m NOT plugging it.

    We’re a handful of TOTAL amateurs looking to learn a little about web design. We have some Apple “.Mac HomePages” that have screen-caps of our eight favorite actors and actresses, but anyone who knows anything about Apple knows that their software and HomePages are so user-friendly that you could have 200 websites over a period of 50 years and not learn anything at all about web design. These HomePages, although packed full of screen caps and other pictures, were largely ignored by search engines because of the format and because they’re really subfolders of a subdomain. So yesterday we decided to move all of the text content to its own domain (hoping the content will rank better) and just link back to the actual HomePages, since these HomePages are all pictures and they’re probably not going to help much in terms of ranking anyway.

    SO, the actual domain “swervedrivers.com” has only a few pages at this point, but the whole project (the domain plus the HomePages) is okay if you’re a fan of one of the actors or actresses. But I already said I’m not here to plug it, so don’t bother with it. That’s not a sneaky way to peak your interest. Really: don’t bother with it.

    I’ll save you the trouble of clicking a few buttons and just tell you the part of our site that’s relevant to the band. Thanks for listening to this long, rambling post, and thanks, Swervedriver, for being so great!


    (From the site:)


    Swervedriver is a great band with a cool name. We named our unrelated site swervedrivers.com to remind ourselves and others that not all music sucks. They have no idea who we are, so any stupid things we say here should not be seen as a reflection on them.

    They have class, and we don’t.

    [Click here to go to the band’s page, swervdrivER.com]

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