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      Theres been lots of talk of people compiling music for us to swap. Here is a place for this talk to become action.

      I have some ideas on its form;

      A single cd posted at a time to each participant. Snail Mail – its great getting packages in the mail instead of bills!

      Content should reflect your taste but also maybe your location. I want to hear stuff that floats your boat, but hopefully stuff we dont know about yet, thats your job.

      It isnt genre specific.

      If you say you’re in then honour it.

      Include tracklistings (even though I know some people like to have a ‘virgin listen’). If you are one of those dont read the tracklisting.

      Include art and/or some detail as to why you have included tracks, like a time in your life, or a place. The more you put in the more you get out…etc etc.

      It costs me $3.25 Australian to send a cd like this across the world. Practically nothing when you start to get mail/music in return.

      How do you want to give out your mailing addresses? Im happy with emailing unless theres a better idea.

      If youre keen let us know in this thread along with any imput.

      Onya Swervies!


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