Weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

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    What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

    Since late August 04 i’ve had some of the wackiest dreams ever, including looking after White Elephants for native tribes, a safari park in my local woods, a long stretch of beach with a huge grave/memorial to ‘the last soldier’ which had lots of jewellery.

    The weirdest however, occured the other week:

    I was talking to Syd Barrett and Dave Gilmour about a picture they’d taken of some mountains. I said i’d taken a better picture because the one I took was at sunset. Well, next thing I know: Dave Gilmour has turned into Superman and is flying about, and there’s this huge bomb flying about too (both flying about proper cartoon style, all over the sky). On the bomb are riding two small children and…

    … a naked leprechaun!!

    Then I’m going home from the mountains, and I meet my sister and she has to collect two huge onions and says something about baboons. Well, i’m then driving home and an accident happens, but then I see the accident in two other perspectives and then i’m back in the room that I started talking to syd barret!

    And then last night’s dream, I was with my friends in their house, and there was this wood in a room. We climbed to the top of the trees and I got stuck at the top!
    Somehow got down and went outside. Well, the naked leprechaun was there (and in the dream I said to myself I dreamt about him!) and all the cars were icy. The leprechaun was commanding people about but I scraped the ice of my car and FLEW to another world – in this world there was just an empty road and a tree!

    I hope i’m not alone in crazy dreams…

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