what song should they play on Fallon?

Guestbook what song should they play on Fallon?

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      My buddies and I were debating what song the boys should play on their triumphant return to network television. I’d like to hear your ideas.

      We came up with 3 scenarios:

      #1 – old classic – appeals to casual fans and promotes the tour as a blast from the past thing
      #2 – new song – I think this is possible but with no recording to promote it could be wasted and also alienate the blast from the past crowd from #1
      #3 – old song with new ending or (gasp) medley – you know the boys do it so well and it could bridge the gap between 1 and 2

      I personally lean towards #3 being the best choice. My fantasy classic song would be rave down with the love hate the way it starts ends solo stuck on the end. I’m not even sure if that could possibly work. Do I ask too much?

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