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      Hi – I just received the best xmas pressie ever! Compilation CD of Swervie songs (my collection was on vinyl!!!). Took me back to being 20 years old again (I’m now 34!!!) and following the swervies around freezing old Blighty (and to Paris), generally having the time of my life with Adam, Adi, Graham and Jimmy (aw bless!), as well as my mate Pete, and catching up with Clare! Where oh where is Clare??? Does anybody know?

      Best memory is when Adi dedicated Son of Mustang Ford to me at Liverpool Uni (I think?!) for my birthday.

      Worst memory was Graham doing a runner and then Adi joining Skyscraper – things were never the same again (atmosphere wise).

      Lots and lots of love to those Swervies and all the Following who were there when I was carrying my stuff round on my back and hitching from venue to venue and who let me kip on their floors, sofas, etc (I can’t remember names – too much alcohol has ruined those brain cells).

      Fiona xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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