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    Carrot Rope

      I, for the first time, heard the 1st 3 Ep’s today, and the music sounded as fresh as ever. I hoped that Juggernaut rides would contain more of what I missed in the early years but alas She’s beside herself and other tunes would have to wait. Here we are 15 years later, well better late then never. Swervedriver is without a doubt my favorite rock band from the 90’s along with Dinosaur jr. So I got to thinking today, who picked up after these 2 bands? I have searched for similar sounds but haven’t found anything close.

      What say you? What 2000’s band has kept the swerve torch alive, or at least somewhat? I know there was a thread about the swerveiest bands a while back, but I will get a bit more personnal with this question.
      What current bands can you recommend to me, a person who loves Swervedriver, Dinosaur jr., the Swirlies, for old bands
      and for new bands, Interpol, Broken Social Scene.
      I’m aware of Doves and realize the similar sound, just don’t love them. I think Swervedriver and Dinosaur jr. had alot in common and never equated them to Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream and other Brit noise pop type stuff. I also don’t see it as hard American grunge like Smashing Pumpkins, Queens of stone age, Nirvana.

      Can you help me?

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