who plays guitar for swervedriver?

Guestbook who plays guitar for swervedriver?

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      i first heard this band (on tape ;( ) in 1992 and i was amazed. i was into guitar back then and couldn’t believe these guys were unknown. i mean even now there’s noone apart from jimi and beck oh and buckley who make me feel like partying guitar style. i heard it was two guitar players is that right?

      i still don’t know who the guitar players are or even if there is two.

      my fave is rave down. i know mustang ford is the dance tune but rave down is the real guitar tune. haha man i know hendrix would be proud.

      are there any people on here who play like them? i’d love to hear that. i really do think they are the unsung heros of indie and guitar. any new guitarist show them to is amazed and i mean people who are into satch and vai. they can’t touch them [:D]

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