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      Greetings guitar heads! I thought you might dig this chat I had with Adam on Wired:

      Swervedriver’s Franklin Steps Outside the Industry
      “It’s certainly been a busy old year musically,” explains Adam Franklin.

      No kidding. After releasing a solo disc with his band Bolts of Melody, he reunited with hallowed guitar avengers Swervedriver and hit a tour circuit thick with noise and remembrance from My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai and more. Now as the year closes, he’s firing up a collaboration with Interpol’s Sam Fogarino called Magnetic Morning. Next comes another solo disc, and then perhaps more Swervedriver.

      Or perhaps not. That’s down the road, he says.

      No worries, the wait is worth it. Franklin, pictured above at left, continues to trip the tightrope between psychedelia, rock and wall-of-soundtracking without missing a dazed beat. Magnetic Morning’s debut A.M. is another surround-sound notch in his underrated belt, as he and Fogarino trade tropes, riffs and ideas all the way to cloud nine. It’s the perfect daydream release of 2008.

      We chatted up the friendly Franklin about Magnetic Morning, Swervedriver and why he’s always on the wrong side of the Atlantic when it comes to the zeitgeist.

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