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    Okay well I’ve always heard that Craig from the Vines had expressed his liking of swervie on quite a few occasions and that he also sported many swervedriver shirts while performing… And well, I know this is a lame topic but this picture http://highlyevolved.tripod.com/xxpics/craigbarfly.html caught my eye, it looks like the usual swervedriver logo, however… I can’t tell because of his strap but it looks like his shirt says “swervedriva,” I may be a dumbass but I know that there are many different swervie shirts out there (from promos, website, etc.) of which few were printed. I know that my swervedriver ringer with a take on the MLB logo of the outline of a guy drinking a beer is rather hard to come by… But I never imagined a shirt that said “swervedriva..” Okay well If I’m wrong and it has nothing to do with swervie i’m gonna feel sooo lame hahaha but we’ll see….
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