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    I won third prize in a college poetry competition. This is my entry,

    The Promise

    I stand upon that forsaken hill
    On which she made the promise
    I look out across this accursed land
    See the cold and caustic crashing seas
    And the petrified forests
    I am paralysed just like those trees
    And volatile like the oceans
    This world is so desolate, dark and so foreboding
    I wait in silence for my demise is ever encroaching
    I can almost hear the skeletal feet of death in his approaching
    My God has deserted me, my hope and strength is depleted
    For on the day we were engaged she made the promise
    That on God’s honour she would never die as long as I was still living
    Now she lies beneath my feet locked inside her coffin
    Buried deep in this damned hill
    And the promise lies with her rotting

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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