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      Greatful Dead (for obvious reasons)
      Phish (they just did a gig up in northeast Maine [Limestone, ME – look it up on the map, it’s 5 miles west of the Candian border] – had to put up with a bunch of smelly, ugly hippies wasting their parents’ trust fund this past weekend clogging the roads)
      Styx (the 70’s sucked)
      Foriegner (the 70’s REALLY sucked)
      Bad Company (also wins award for “Most cliched rock lyrics EVER”)
      Ted Nugent (Gun-nut right-wing racist hard rock? Not in my house)
      The Professionals (meathead hard rock band with a drug-addled Steve Jones and Paul Cook – worst non-local live band I have ever seen)

      …and I will also offend about half this list by putting in Led Zeppelin (hate that lead singer, whatever his name is…), Black Sabbath (ditto – musically OK but when Ozzy/Ronnie James Dio opens his pipes..) and most (oh, OK, all) rap, especially the crap that infests the radio here in the USA. Don’t know if it’s any better in your country but I suspect it isn’t…

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