Would Juggernaut Ride In Your Car?

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    Hey Everyone,
    With all the references to the open road, Son of Munstang Ford, Duel…ect. Does anyone out there currently own or owned a “muscle car” in the past? I just thought it would be interesting to see, especially with the cover artwork of Juggernaut!

    Well I had a 1966 Pontiac, 389 hp Tp, hardtop. Admittingly it was a project car at the time, but was in excellent condition. Interior, and front nose was in pristine condition. The motor needed to be rebuilt, but was intact, only major problem with the car was rott in trunk. But that was common with those cars. I had a party one afternoon at my house, and a drunk friend of mine decided to take my Jeep CJ on a beer run. He couldn’t drive a standard transmission and …..destroyed both the GTO and my Jeep without ever leaving yard. Thats pretty impressive, I give him props! Anybody else have any other stories…….hopefully with a happier endings?

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