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      Hi All

      I was thinking last night…. there seems to be a load of people travelling a very long way for the Oxford and London shows. If people are up for it, I am up for organising a bit of a London tour for 2 hours or so on the saturday afternoon of the garage show, taking in all the swervedriver sights, and as many of the usual stuff and places of London rock n roll history to include:

      – houses of parliament (harry’s carvings probably not visible from the road)
      – abbey road studios & a few other beatles related sites.
      – the spaniards inn pub in hampstead (on the cover of mezcal head, behind the bull, nice place for a pint)
      – the church studios where ejector seat reservation was recorded (a mile away from the tiny watchmaker’s shop in ‘hands’)
      – popping in for lunch in camden, maybe a pint in the good mixer
      – any other places people want to see that’s fairly central

      i can fit 3 people in my car and can pick people up from central london and drop you back. let me know if you fancy it


      p.s. i am not a serial killer, and there is no charge, i’m just a massive fan of music and swd in particular. i went on a rock n roll tour in new york and loved it and reckon a london version would be cool.

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